During 2017 we will deliver 12 live webinars for our Affiliate Members only. Members, chapters, and customers of Affiliate Members may register for live webinars, and enjoy unlimited access to the Webinar Vault. For more information about the webinars and other Affiliate Member benefits, call Kay Nakamura at (703) 777-3504. 

Members, chapters, and customers of Affiliate Members may register for the current series of live programming. 

January 31

5 Hallmarks of Risk Assessment

Watch this webinar to learn five hallmarks for conducting an effective internal risk assessment at your organization. Learn lessons from the real experiences of NRMC consultants and clients during formal risk assessment engagements. Also see a short demo of NRMC’s newest web app, My Risk Assessment, which can jumpstart your internal risk assessment efforts. My Risk Assessment is available to NRMC Affiliate Members at a discounted rate.

March 28

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) 101

Watch this kickoff to the ERM webinar series! Learn the philosophies behind Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and how ERM differs from conventional risk management. Understand why ERM is a critical component of mission stewardship and of strategic risk management. Learn four common barriers to developing effective ERM capabilities in a nonprofit organization, and enjoy a preview of some of the topics we explore throughout the ERM webinar series.