During 2017 we will deliver 12 live webinars for our Affiliate Members only. Members, chapters, and customers of Affiliate Members may register for live webinars, and enjoy unlimited access to the Webinar Vault. For more information about the webinars and other Affiliate Member benefits, call Kay Nakamura at (703) 777-3504. 

Members, chapters, and customers of Affiliate Members may register for the current series of live programming. 

January 18

Finding Neverland: Keeping Staff Safe While Traveling and Working Overseas

Presenters: Joe Gleason, AHT and Melanie Lockwood Herman, NRMC

Like Peter Pan and the Lost Boys as they explore Neverland, nonprofit staff members might encounter a wide range of unfamiliar events and circumstances when working internationally. From facing civil unrest against an authoritarian regime, to a personal health crisis or a natural disaster, your staff members need to get ‘Hooked’ on safety in order to fulfill their roles while working overseas. This webinar explores risks related to overseas travel, including short trips and in-country assignments. Learn about the support and information your staff members need before they depart, during their tenure in-country, and during their trip home. After attending this webinar, you’ll feel more confident in your commitment to safety as you send your staff members into new territory… second star to the right and straight on till morning!  

Registration link: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/tmm1pxy3spqq&eom

February 22

Going on a Field Trip: Identifying & Managing Risks Related to Outdoor Programs

"It's only a field trip… What could possibly go wrong?” Outdoor activities are a popular programming choice for organizations. Activities may range from an employee team traveling off-site for a teambuilding program to an afterschool program taking their young participants on a hike at a local park. Whatever the setting or activity, your team must be ready to identify and manage the risks specific to this type of programming. This webinar offers general tips to help you prepare for conducting various levels of outdoor activities. In addition, this webinar distinguishes risks you should consider when using a third party such as an outfitter to conduct the activities.    

Registration link: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/qnrk2ieiktm3&eom