Hot Topics for 2016 — Keynotes & Workshops

Planning a conference, leadership institute, board retreat, webinar series or annual meeting? Is the topic of “risk management” on your list of possible keynote or workshop topics? You’ve come to the right place! Each year the Center designs and delivers dozens of workshops, seminars, keynotes and webinars. If you invite us to speak at your event, you can rest assured that we will deliver a dynamic, content-filled, highly-rated presentation. We are available to work with you to design a session that meets the unique needs of your attendees, board, staff or members. In the meantime, we invite you to peruse our list of “hot topics” for 2016. Each of the sessions below is available as a dynamic keynote or interactive workshop. The length of each session is up to you; we can deliver high level content in 30 minutes, or design an interactive workshop with small group work sessions in a 90 minute-3 hour-3 format.

Risks Keeping You Awake? Get More Sleep with the Risk Bow Tie Technique

Have you ever worried about risks that threaten the mission and programs of your nonprofit? Don’t let risks keep you awake all night! Attend this workshop to train your brain in risk assessment skills that will help you and your colleagues sleep more soundly. Learn how to use a risk ‘bow tie’ diagram to identify and assess the risks facing your nonprofit, and get hands-on experience thinking through the nuances of a realistic risk event. The risk bow tie will help you brainstorm preventive and reactive controls that you can put into place to reduce the likelihood and the severity of the risk. You’ll leave the workshop with practical ideas to protect your organization, and you’ll be ready to teach the risk bow tie technique to your own team. Stop worrying and get ready to count sheep and catch some ‘Zzzzzs!’

Lego Love: Build the Board Your Mission Deserves

Remember when you could quickly build a masterpiece from LEGO blocks as a child? If only building an amazing Board was that easy‚Ķ attend this workshop and you’ll find your Board LEGOs just a little easier to fit together! This workshop explores the scary risks and bountiful rewards of governance in nonprofit organizations. Learn how to cultivate a high-performing Board through 20 powerful governance lessons. The lessons include how to steer clear of common governing traps and difficulties, as well as how to help the Board get out of trouble it was unable to avoid. This workshop is ideal for executive directors, senior staff, Board members—and anyone else who cares about the quality and effectiveness of governance! Let’s join forces to build the best LEGO castles—and Boards—the nonprofit sector has ever seen.

Risk Forecasting

In their provocative book, Superforecasting, Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner write that: “We are all forecasters.” Yet are we any good at it? The simple answer is “no.” Yet determined nonprofit leaders are in a prime position to cultivate and improve forecasting skills. You’ll need comfort with doubt, a dose of humility and a commitment to continually evolve your understanding of the risk landscape facing your nonprofit. This workshop explores the complicated but invaluable discipline of forecasting. Learn how to become a better forecaster, apply lessons from ancient and modern-age forecasters, and add new discipline to your risk management program.

Groundhog Day: Anticipating and Managing Risk

This workshop explores the constantly changing but never dull risk landscape in which nonprofits missions thrive and perish. The session begins with results from a new survey about the risk related worries and priorities of nonprofit leaders, and continues with with practical tips for surfacing and mitigating risk. Attendees will learn how to develop and hone their risk assessment skills and coach others to capably anticipate and manage troubling risk concerns.

The Next Frontier: ERM

‘Enterprise Risk Management’ is a term that is growing in popularity, but is one that is not used consistently and is sometimes used to describe traditional, hazard-based risk management activities. This workshop offers a clear roadmap for evolving a traditional or operational risk management effort into a sustainable, and mission-focused ERM program. The session begins by exploring the two predominant views of enterprise risk: 1) the enterprise-wide view of risk focused on fostering dialog and collaboration between key functions, departments and programs; and 2) the enterprise-level view of risk which emphasizes strategy-level risk assessment capabilities and action plans. Learn how to develop a custom, integrated, and holistic ERM program suited to the unique needs of a nonprofit organization.

How to Create a Compelling Risk Dashboard

If you’ve ever started nodding off during a risk management or insurance presentation, you’re not alone. Although today’s high-impact nonprofit boards are specifically requesting risk briefings, the last thing any board wants is to be bored! This fast-paced workshop explores the concept of a risk dashboard: a visual tool depicting a nonprofit’s critical risks and the status or effectiveness of risk management programs and activity. Attendees will discover how to use simple risk program goals and data into inspired presentations that invite an audience to engage.

How to Do the Right Thing: Ethics for Nonprofit Leaders

This workshop begins by exploring a variety of common ethical challenges facing leaders of nonprofit organizations. The program continues with a strategy for spotting, evaluating and managing ethical dilemmas. Learn how to apply a simple ethics filter to key decisions and actions, and how to avoid ethical blunders and mishaps.

Hello, Risk! Dynamic Risk Reporting Tips and Strategies

No nonprofit leader wants to be the “bearer of bad news.” Yet few risk professionals have mastered the art of captivating their audiences like a seasoned Broadway star. Designing and delivering compelling presentations requires careful planning and skillful execution. This workshop centers on the view that risk reporting should be dynamic, informative and a launch pad for fruitful conversations. Take a behind the scenes tour of risk reporting formats that deliver “ah ha” moments while depicting information that leadership teams need for sound decision-making. You’ll walk away from this session with a new perspective on how to properly cast the mission and accomplishments of the risk team or function in your nonprofit.

Managing Social Media Risk

Admit it, you’re either fully on board the social media bandwagon or trying desperately to hitch a ride. Yet despite the frequently touted benefits of social media exposure, you’re secretly or perhaps openly worried about the dark side. This workshop offers a behind the scenes look at the myriad risks arising from social media use and misuse. During the second half you’ll learn practical steps to calm your fears and engage social media proponents in safe and mission-appropriate social media risk management.

Managing Governance Risk and Reward

We’ve all got one: a board, that is. Nonprofit boards are a staple of the nonprofit form, yet too many boards miss the mark when it comes to recognizing and managing the risks that arise from their structures, decision-making processes, and the relationship to staff. This workshop explores the serious and potentially destabilizing risks that arise from governance. The session continues with a framework and practical tools for understanding and managing governance risk. If you’re even a bit fearful that your board is headed “overboard,” this workshop will help you sleep better and tip the balance back to reward.

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Great American Insurance Group’s Specialty Human Services is committed to protecting those who improve your communities. Melanie and The Center have committed to delivering dynamic risk management solutions tailored to nonprofit organizations. These organizations have many and varied risk issues, hence the need for specialized coverage and expert knowledge for their protection. We’ve had Melanie speak on several occasions to employees and our agents. She is always on point and delivers such great value. Thank you for the terrific partnership and allowing our nonprofits to focus on their mission!

Great American Insurance Group's Specialty Human Services

Erin presented a creative webinar titled, "The Frankenstein Effect," which was especially intriguing at Halloween! She covered the difference between volunteers & employees; accidentally transforming a volunteer into an employee, as well as scenarios and tips for clarification. It was very well received and a topic that could be reviewed annually! Thank you Erin!



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