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We support going green, but we don’t recycle risk advice. As an Affiliate Member, the Center will answer your risk specific questions and offer follow-up steps and strategies suited to your mission, culture and resources. Enroll today.

No nonprofit operates in a risk-free environment. In fact, we would be frauds if we told you it was possible to extinguish risk. We all face uncertainty about continued funding, program outcomes, and our ability to ensure client safety. Appreciating and acting on a wide range of risks is the key to both survival and success. Every nonprofit—including small organizations—can gain from the application of custom risk management strategies. Consider the following:

  • The threat of litigation is increasing. Many nonprofits never face a lawsuit, but those that do know that it can be costly and time consuming. Even worse, litigation can knock out a nonprofit’s reputation in one punch! Great risk management can reduce the likelihood of legal claims and help you survive with mission intact.
  • The risk of harm to clients is ever-present. Your mission is to help people, not hurt them. Causing harm to a client, though it may be unintentional, undermines your purpose and jeopardizes your mission. Plan ahead to protect the population you exist to serve.
  • Your nonprofit’s safety and security matter. Sound risk management creates a sense of confidence in your mission and your operations. In an atmosphere where fear of catastrophic losses is reduced, a nonprofit’s true colors will bloom. With the liberty to be innovative and proactive, you will achieve the results that worry has impeded.