Good Governance = Good Risk Management

Does your organization practice good governance? From financial oversight to board development, effective governance practices can either ‘make or break’ a nonprofit. Risk management and good governance go hand in hand. If you need a hand sorting out your governance risks and coming up with a practical plan of action, we can help.

Look to the experts at the Nonprofit Risk Management Center for:

  • Easy to read books addressing an array of governance risks, including:
  • Customized consulting to help you develop or refine existing policies and procedures. Recent assignments have included drafting confidentiality and document retention policies for a national youth-serving organization and reviewing financial management policies for a state-wide membership organization. We are available to draft new policies, edit existing or outdated materials, brief your Board (in person or by telephone) on current governance “best practices,” as well as risk and legal exposures, and prepare reports outlining suggested action steps. Our assignments have included working with agencies contemplating or undergoing a merger, agencies in crisis, and start-up organizations that desire to put fundamental governance practices in place.
  • Risk Assessments with an emphasis on governance issues and other top concerns of your Board of Directors. To read more about our risk assessment services and the steps in requesting a proposal, click here.
  • Custom keynotes, workshops, Webinars and presentations on topics ranging from “The Legal Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards,” “Accountability, Risk and Governance,” and “The Board’s Role in Risk Management.” For more information on our speaking services, click here. To view a list of recently delivered programs, click here.

For more information or to explore how the Center can help your organization address governance risks, contact Melanie via e-mail.