Product Review & Development


The Center's staff has extensive experience writing thoughtful articles for publication in risk management bulletins, newsletters, e-news publications, and on client Web pages. Let us do the research on the topics of your choice and prepare ready-to-publish risk management guidance for your client, member or stakeholder communications piece. Our clients include insurers, MGAs, TPAs, brokers, pools, sponsored insurance programs and large nonprofits.


If you appreciate the practical advice found in one of our publications but would like a custom or private-label version for distribution to your network, contact us about the possibility of developing a book suited to the needs of your insureds, members, clients or other stakeholders. Many of the titles in our current catalog have been adapted for distribution by government agencies, insurers and large nonprofits.


The Center has experience producing high-quality, training videos on specific risk management topics. Video-based training is effective for training volunteers one at a time, or in a group. Video-based training ensures that all trainees receive the same message irrespective of the trainer’s background and experience. Video-based training can reflect your organization’s culture and traditions while focusing on your organization’s unique programs and activities and highlighting issues of concern to your volunteers. Send an e-mail to the Center outlining what you wish to accomplish by when, and we will send you a proposal itemizing what we will do, the timeline and the cost.

Web Seminars

The Center's staff design and deliver custom Web seminars for client organizations throughout the year. Recent programs have covered topics as diverse as Managing Volunteer Driver Risks to Managing Employment Practices Risk in Public Agencies. Let us design and deliver a single program for your consitutuents or a monthly or bi-monthly series of 60 or 90 minute "live" and interactive Web programs.


The Center is frequently asked to develop handbooks and resource guides on a variety of risk management topics. Engage us to develop a handbook covering the critical risks your clients, members or insureds face every day. The product you receive from us will be readable and ready to use.

Policy Manuals

Formulating an agency's critical policies in the form of a policy manual is a difficult but necessary task. The Center's staff bring vast experience developing policy manuals that effectively articulate the purpose and intent of key policies while avoiding jargon and other pittfalls common in policy manuals.

The Center's staff are prepared to work with you in developing any of the above tools from scratch. We can also review and update an existing product to improve its effectiveness. Samples of our completed products are always available for your review. Please contact Melanie Herman at (202) 785-3891 to discuss your concerns, expectations and your timetable.