Customized Training


The Center's staff presents keynote addresses, workshops, seminars and other training programs that speak directly to the staff and board members of nonprofit organizations. We use examples that reflect the mission, values and critical issues facing nonprofits in order to teach sound risk management principles and techniques. Engagements last for as short as one hour to as long as several days. A list of topics we've presented to other organizations can be found here. Please call us at (703) 777-3504 and discuss your specific needs.

Great American Insurance Group’s Specialty Human Services is committed to protecting those who improve your communities. Melanie and The Center have committed to delivering dynamic risk management solutions tailored to nonprofit organizations. These organizations have many and varied risk issues, hence the need for specialized coverage and expert knowledge for their protection. We’ve had Melanie speak on several occasions to employees and our agents. She is always on point and delivers such great value. Thank you for the terrific partnership and allowing our nonprofits to focus on their mission!

Great American Insurance Group's Specialty Human Services

Erin presented a creative webinar titled, "The Frankenstein Effect", which was especially intriguing at Halloween! She covered the difference between volunteers & employees; accidentally transforming a volunteer into an employee, as well as scenarios and tips for clarification. It was very well received and a topic that could be reviewed annually! Thank you Erin!



The Center's staff develops online training available to nonprofit professionals and volunteers 24/7 in the form of tutorials, risk management classes or live, interactive Web seminars.

Topic-specific online classes usually include quizzes, a final test and a certificate of successful completion. The Center has designed classes with mission-specific language and visuals for several nonprofits.

Live Web seminars involve a visual presentation, accompanying handouts that participants download from our Web site, and the opportunity to engage in live chat with the presenter during the session. The entire Web seminar can be viewed and heard at a later date by downloading a video file created on the date of the program. The Center has developed Webinars for several nonprofit organizations.

The Center has customized such existing online tools as My Risk Management Plan and My Risk Management Policies for large nonprofit organizations.

The Center can present a single topic or a series of topics based on your needs. Call us at (703) 777-3504. We can help you isolate topics to strengthen the performance of paid and volunteer staff. We can also design and deliver risk management training for your board members and senior staff that will empower them to better serve the organization's mission and service recipients.

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