Financial Risk Management: A Guide for Nonprofit Executives

This book explores the topic of financial risk management in the nonprofit world. Subjects covered in this practical, "how-to" guide include financial accountability, fraud prevention and board-staff communication on financial management issues.

Readers will learn how to identify, measure and minimize risk to financial assets, while maximizing accountability to stakeholders, fiscal integrity and mission-fulfillment. Buyers of the book receive a companion online course at no additional cost. Quantity discounts are also available. This book is suitable for CEOs, COOs, and board members with limited financial management experience. It is also appropriate for experienced finance professionals and CFOs who are looking for a risk manager's slant on financial risk and who are charged with teaching and coaching others about financial risks.

Funding to support the publication of Financial Risk Management: A Guide for Nonprofit Executives was provided by the Public Entity Risk Institute.

2008 / 128 Pages

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