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December 7, 2016

If you sometimes feel exposed to legal liability, you're not alone! Exposed is a desk reference, go-to guide, and confidence-inspiring 'pick me up' for any leader responsible for understanding and managing the liability risks facing a nonprofit. Practical, how-to chapters include:
          • Contract Liability
          • Protecting Privacy
          • Defamation
          • Protecting Vulnerable People from Abuse
          • Employment Liability
          • Information Technology and the Law
Give your board or senior team 'peace of mind' this holiday season; order copies of Exposed today!

2014 / 234 Pages
ISBN 978-1-893210-29-5

$30.00 (non-member price); $27.00 (member price).
Call 703.777.3504 to inquire about discounts for 10+ copies, or to learn more about our Affiliate Member program.  
Help is Not a Four-Letter Word
Last week I reminded a colleague and several clients to "reach out if you need help!" I often find myself ending an email or phone call with an offer to help. Yet I sometimes hesitate or pause indefinitely before asking others for help. Does that sound familiar? 

In Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words, poet and author David Whyte begins his chapter on the word "Help" with:

"Help is strangely, something we want to do without, as if the very idea disturbs and blurs the boundaries of our individual endeavors, as if we cannot face how much we need in order to go on. We are born with an absolute necessity for help, grow well only with a continuous succession of extended hands, and as adults depend upon others for our further successes and possibilities in life even as competent individuals." 

Whyte's observation that human beings "... grow well only with a continuous succession of extended hands..." powerfully captures the reason why asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness; help is fundamental to being all we can be at work, at home, and as a member of a healthy family.

During this, and every holiday season, I encourage you to offer, but also to ask for help. Learn to recognize the wisdom of knowing when to ask for help and where to seek it. Connect the asking to your desire to learn, grow and serve. 

During a recent internal review of our Affiliate Member program, we discussed the satisfaction we receive when we are able to help an Affiliate Member by offering a suggestion about how to handle an issue. We also spoke about the fact that some members rarely, if ever reach out for help. Perhaps they see our relationship as a form of insurance--someone to call if things go terribly wrong. 
Affiliate Member? We're Here to Help
If your nonprofit or for-profit is an Affiliate Member of the Center, we welcome your calls and emails. Your questions are not an inconvenience. Your questions help us build a body of knowledge and resources available to the entire nonprofit sector.

Review our family of current Affiliate Members to check whether your organization can access our resources (to view current Affiliate Members, look in the green column). 
Not an Affiliate? 
If your organization isn't currently an Affiliate Member, we invite you to consider joining us this month. We want to be your risk lifeline, coach and support system. We will answer your questions as they arise, invite you to participate in members-only educational webinars, and connect you with helpful risk resources year round. Joining the Center is a gift to your mission. To get started with membership, call or email Kay Nakamura at 703.777.3504 or Kay@nonprofitrisk.org.

Kay Nakamura, Director of Client Solutions 
About the Affiliate Member Program
Watch this video to learn more about  
the Affiliate Member program!

Here's what our members are saying about Affiliate Member status:

"I just wanted to share how incredibly valuable Affiliate Member status has been to our school. Your communications, website, and staff have provided us with the support and guidance we need. With your help, we breezed through accreditation in less than two years, and our scores were above average in every single category. Thank you for all you do for us and other nonprofits!"
Marie Miller, J.D., Ed.D., Head of School, Providence Academy

"NRMC has been an outstanding partner for us. [You] are attentive to our needs, and work hard to successfully meet our requests for information. Being an affiliate partner gave us access to so many time and money saving templates that it easily paid for itself! NRMC is truly a valued partner of The Community Foundation of Elkhart County and we are continuously able to optimize staff time with [your] support..."
Jodi Spataro, Chief Advancement Officer, Community Foundation of Elkhart County

"Our state and local coalitions have been utilizing our Affiliate Member status to access resources from the webinar vault. The Risk eNews is a fabulous resource, and a fount of information as we build our own capacity to strengthen our network of coalitions.
Kinkini Banerjee, Sr. Coalitions Relations Manager, United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC)
We've Got You Covered
Become a better steward of your nonprofit's insurance program. 
Order Covered today, if:
  • you have questions about what types of insurance your nonprofit should buy
  • you want practical tips for spending insurance dollars wisely
  • you're curious about what the coverages you've already purchased actually cover
  • you want to make sure that your insurable risks are 'covered.'

   Order Covered now! 

June 2016 / 181 Pages
ISBN 978-1-893210-32-5

$30.00 (non-member price); $27.00 (member price).
Call 703.777.3504 to inquire about discounts for 10+ copies, or to learn more about our Affiliate Member program. 
Engage Center consultants before our rates increase 
Lock in the Center's 2016 consulting rates before January 1, 2017, when our consulting rates increase. Why do our clients choose the Center as a consulting partner?
  • They want to better steward their missions, people and assets through informed risk-taking
  • They want risk help from a consultant who knows nonprofits and the unique risks facing nonprofits
  • They want to enhance their risk management capabilities or explore Enterprise Risk Management
  • They want to develop internal expertise and empower their own staff as Risk Champions
  • They want to report on their risk management efforts to board members, funders, and other stakeholders
  • They want a partner who inspires bold, smart risk-taking rather than fear
We inspire nonprofit leaders to think differently about risk. Call Erin Gloeckner, Director of Consulting Services, to discuss your top risk concerns and how the Center can help: 703.777.3504.
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