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September 22, 2016
What Will You Do on Monday that's Different?
A note from Erin Gloeckner
In our Risk eNews article published on June 22, 2016, Melanie Lockwood Herman wrote about '5 Questions to Re-Focus Your Risk Function,' which were inspired by the book, The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization. The book features writings and concepts promoted by Peter F. Drucker, the famed management consultant, author and educator.
The Drucker Institute--an entity dedicated to strengthening organizations through sharing Drucker's wisdom tailored to today's needs--awards an annual prize of $100,000 to a nonprofit that demonstrates clear impact and innovation through its programs. Resources from the 2016 Drucker Prize learning platform are now available, after a simple registration process. Check out the introductory course for articles, videos and guidance on topics such as design thinking, fostering an innovative culture, and challenging assumptions to further innovation at your nonprofit.
The Drucker Institute centers its philosophy around one of Peter Drucker's most pressing questions asked of his own clients: "What will you do on Monday that's different?" This question reminds us of the necessity of reflection, commitment and and action--even small actions--to fortify the organizations we serve.
It's easy to fall into a cycle of sameness when you work nose-to-the-grind each day. The days following the 2016 Risk Summit are a wonderful time to reflect on 'ah-ha' moments, lessons learned and one or two items you resolve to take action on this Monday. If you didn't attend the Risk Summit, think back to the last workshop, webinar or presentation you attended; what was the most powerful lesson you learned that you want to apply starting this Monday?
Now imagine if your whole team bought into the concept of doing something different each Monday. Perhaps you'd get around to those internal capacity building projects that keep falling on the backburner. Or maybe you'd finally implement a creative or even experimental solution to a longstanding challenge facing one of your core programs. Change can be unsettling, but it feels more manageable in small bites eaten each Monday. And who doesn't need a Monday morning pick-me-up of innovation and risk-taking to reinvigorate the workplace vibe?
If you did attend the 2016 Risk Summit, please take two-three minutes to complete our short, post-conference survey. And please email me at Erin@nonprofitrisk.org if you'd like to share a testimonial or a statement about what you plan to do differently this Monday. We will feature testimonials in an upcoming Risk eNews (with your permission).
Thank you to our inspired and enthusiastic attendees and our generous Corporate Sponsors who made the 2016 Risk Summit a success!
Erin Gloeckner, director of consulting services at NRMC, welcomes your response to this article or your testimonial for the 2016 Risk Summit at Erin@nonprofitrisk.org or 703.777.3504.
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What will the NRMC Team do differently on Monday?
Melanie: On Monday I will return to a neglected habit: spending at least an hour of my workday reading. I'll also begin actively recommending my favorite, recent reads to colleagues, board members and Center clients. 

Kay: My new work habit will be to look up from my "To Do" list for Monday to my year-end goals and plans. My new personal habit is to bring lunch from home more often so I can eat healthy meals at work.

Emily: On Monday, I will commit two hours to logging back in to each of the Center's popular web applications, including My Risk Management Plan and My Risk Management Policies. I'm very excited for our upcoming engagement with SIMLab (described below) to help us focus our energy on future tools and resources that will be most useful to nonprofits!

Erin: On Monday I'll spend two hours reviewing recent consulting engagements, documenting and reflecting on changes to our processes and deliverables. I hope to draw out lessons to share with our new Project Manager, Eric Henkel, who starts work later this month!
The entire NRMC team will also participate in a product development workshop facilitated by SIMLab in early October. The workshop will help us assess our web applications and other products in order to keep them relevant, to better meet the needs of the nonprofit sector.
Thank You to our Corporate Sponsors!

The NRMC Team thanks our Corporate Sponsors for another amazing Risk Summit. The Risk Summit would not be possible without your support!

To inquire about becoming a Center mission partner, please contact Kay Nakamura or Melanie Herman at 703.777.3504, Kay@nonprofitrisk.org, Melanie@nonprofitrisk.org.