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August 1, 2012

Sterling Signs on as a RISK SUMMIT Sponsor

The Center is pleased to announce the addition of Sterling Infosystems as a brand-new sponsor for the upcoming RISK SUMMIT in Chicago, this August 26-28. For the last four decades, Sterling has worked with some of the most renowned nonprofit organizations to develop and implement state of the art background screening programs. The company innovates by incorporating ideas from nonprofit sector leaders. Sterling invites the readers of the eNews to join the conversation by taking a short, two minute survey regarding current volunteer screening practices and programs. Sterling will provide a $5 Starbucks gift card to each person who completes and submits the survey, and enter all participating leaders in a drawing to win an iPad. Survey results will be shared at the 2012 Risk Management & Finance SUMMIT for Nonprofits. Take the survey online here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/yourvolunteers.

Risk Comes With the Territory!
What Big Business Execs Can Learn from Values-Based Nonprofit Leaders

By Chris Croll

These days we live in a hyper-networked world of "real time" and "always on" media coverage. Few provocative quotes escape notice. From the blogosphere to the business section of your local paper, it seems as if each day brings new stories about corporate executives who could benefit from spending more time discussing risk management with their nonprofit counterparts.

Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy kicked up a feed-storm of controversy last week when he commented to the Baptist Press that his company is "guilty as charged" for supporting Christian values, including the belief that same sex marriage conflicts with "the Biblical definition of the family." Time for Chick-fil-A to roll out the risk management and crisis communications plans!

Much of the controversy that erupted after Cathy's comments had, at its core, a debate about whether a successful American business could, and should, have a values-based corporate mission; especially a business that caters to such a broad spectrum of consumers. When Mr. Cathy waged this ideological food-fight, many of you reading this eNews must have been thinking, "Welcome to our world, Mr. Cathy!"

Leaders of values-based nonprofits have no choice but to be well-versed in risk management and crisis management. Yet we know that many readers of this eNews have insights on navigating a storm with a values-based mission as the rudder and a broad base of constituents on board. The leaders of the nation’s largest and most revered nonprofits, from Boy Scouts of America to Habitat for Humanity know full well that risk management is core to keeping a values-based organization safely afloat and mission-focused.

Regardless of whether you’ll be eating or avoiding chicken today, it’s probably a good day to remind yourself that, "If you're going to take a stand, you'd better have a plan!" Is your risk management plan ready for the day it's your turn to face the cameras?

On a sad note, the company's head of corporate communications, a 29 year veteran of Chick-fil-A, passed away last weekend from a heart attack amidst all of the controversy. This is the kind of tragedy that even the best laid plans could not have anticipated.

I look forward to meeting many of you at the upcoming RISK SUMMIT in Chicago, where I’ll be co-presenting a pre-conference workshop for Center Affiliates on CRISIS MANAGEMENT with the Center’s CEO, Melanie Herman. For more information about becoming an Affiliate, please click here.

Chris Croll advises nonprofits, businesses and government agencies on how to successfully use social media to advance their organization's mission and business objectives. Chris also serves as the Center’s Director of Marketing and Communications. Chris will be among the featured speakers at the 2012 Risk Management and Finance SUMMIT for Nonprofits in Chicago. Contact Chris directly at chris@crollventures.com, (703) 863-8644 or on Twitter @chriscroll.

*BREAKING NEWS* Just Announced…Center CEO Melanie Herman named one of "2012 Power & Influence Top 50 Leaders" by The NonProfit Times. Herman recognized alongside Bill Gates, Marian Wright Edelman, Neil Nicoll, Judith Rodin, and other luminaries. See who else made the list.

RISK SUMMIT Rates at the Hard Rock Hotel Will Soon Be History

The Center’s room block at the Hard Rock Hotel has been increased to accommodate demand. But one of the best sleeping room rates we’ve ever offered (as low as $159), won’t be available for long. To book your hotel reservation in our limited block, please use the following link: Nonprofit Risk Management Hotel Reservations.



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